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Your guide to a Healthy Aquarium

As a hobby, aquariums are lower maintenance than having other pets and have a lot of added benefits. A beautiful aquarium can transform a home into a paradise of tranquility and has been known to promote better sleeping habits and better quality of life. Maintaining a healthy aquarium is a bit more challenging than just adding fish to water and watching plants grow. There are a few things to keep in mind to make sure your tank flourishes. Read on for our guide for a healthy aquarium.

1. Condition the water

The water in your tank is a vital component of a healthy aquarium. The water from your tap at home contains harmful chlorine.

2. Monitor your fish and their feeding habits

Fish get stressed when fed too much which can result in indigestion. Uneaten food makes the water dirty producing toxic ammonia as well. Feeding your fish 2-3 times a day in small portions would be best. This helps avoid overfeeding and food waste.

3. Be mindful of the light

Although having your fish tank well lit at all times is great for photos, it can be harmful for the health of your tank. Excessive light triggers algae development so best to keep the aquarium away from direct sunlight or windows that let sunlight through. We recommend limiting light exposure to a maximum of 10 hours. You can also get a light simulator and control the light exposure digitally.

4. Change the water in your tank regularly

To keep your aquarium at its optimum health we advise changing out 10% – 15% of the water in your tank, once a week. This is a good chance to vacuum dirt out as well.

5. Keep fish medicine handy

It is very handy to keep general medications like Seachem PIMAFIX for fungal infections and Seachem MELAFIX for bacterial infections. Might save a fish when the unexpected happens.

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